My Goal and Mission is to Educate, Counsel and Motivate people from Depression to Inspiration, Few ones does-not even know that they can prevent their clinical problems by merely opting Healthy Life Style and by Eating Customised food.

Yes!Yes! I am talking about “GHAR KA KHANA”.

“In this arena of RUSH people are not even regular with their own Soul so leave aside physical activity and keeping positive mental attitude” She further says.

Dr. Dt. Sheenu Sanjeev has completed her Doctorate in Biomedical Science from the University of Delhi in 2003, the arena where people were not even thinking of her current Profession but she added various International and National publications of Health Journals on Skin Cancer, Diabetes,

Stress, Ayurvedic Herbs, and Diet plans to have in-depth knowledge about the subject. Further to add more value in her Educational Bucket she opted for a Ph.D. in “Use of the Active Principles of WithaniaSomnifera to treat Skin Toxicity leading to Skin Carcinoma Induced by UV- Radiation” She is well known for her positive approach to everything. She treats her believers in a Holistic way and believes that all chronic diseases or metabolic disorders (Diabetes, PCOD, Hypertension, Thyroid, etc.) cannot only be prevented but can be cured through Dietary- the tailored Natural Food or ‘Ghar Ka Khana’ and lifestyle changes. We all are known of a fact Charity begins at home, similarly, she says. “Your charm begins when you are at Peace with your Body”

Dr. Dt. Sheenu Sanjeev, following her dream of working in the field of health and wellness established “HealthyfyR Solutions” a Registered & ISO Certified company and now working as a Leading and Eminent, Holistic & Clinical Dietician-Nutritionist, Health-Wellness Coach & International Certified Trainer in Delhi-NCR with the presence of Pan India and Overseas, which is undoubtedly spreading the feathers. She has helped more than fifteen thousand people to reverse and cure their clinical and metabolic challenges across the globe. She believes that for being growing nation health is topmost need of people, understanding that this cannot be done alone, she laid the foundation of Healthyfy Health and Education Institute & Research Council with the mission to let people understand that nature is the best gift of God to humans apart from their beautiful life. She proudly says “we build health and create healthprenuers”TM, HHE-IRC, is Government approved NSDC training provider, International accreditation organization and ISO certified, through this institute her vision is to create an army of healthprenuersTM to educate people of India being healthy by natural food (Ghar Ka Khana) only. Working on those lines only, understanding people’s need of snacking/munching she has brought the line of products for snacking and munching having health benefits under the brand name of Prakriti.

She believes and follows Napoleon Hill’s words “What your brain can conceive, your heart can believe, you can achieve it too”.

She believes and focuses on giving complete wellness of mind, soul and body in the best possible Holistic way and always helps in maintaining the results Lifelong. She has Professional Experience of more than 18 Years. From 2009 she has been working as Nutrition & Wellness Advisor and from 2013 as a Clinical & Sports Dietician-Nutritionist and getting very satisfactory results not only in weight management but also in curing Life Style Diseases through non-starving, scientifically planned & customized natural food, “GHAR KA KHANA”. Besides this she has a Social side too, she is associated with childline help, various orphanages, sudhar grah and gives her support and helps in many ways and to live for the same Sheenu keeps on adding her inputs on various Topics.

Dr. Dt. Sheenu’s take on a poorer immune system affecting our health: She says ” NATURAL FOOD / GHAR KA KHANA” can prevent various metabolic and clinical challenges people face, living in the metro and tier two cities. She says a good immune system and holistic lifestyle are hands to hand. She always asks to focus more on natural and holistic ways to keep body mind and soul healthy. So, rather than opting for sick services opt for wellness, services. Making simple changes to our diet and lifestyle can safeguard us from damage.

Further Dr. Dt. Sheenu adds, scientifically planned & customized “GHAR KA KHANA” is the key to our health and can improve your immunity and protect you to a certain extent from the ill effects of environmental and social changes. Her research has shown links between what we eat and our levels of protection against health challenges. Dr. Dt Sheenu has given many quotes, one of the best is ” Value your health first, it is the first thing you need to be happy for”. She has worked as project fellow with JRF at Defense Institute of Physiology And Allied Sciences (DIPAS), Timarpur, Delhi on a DRDO (Defense Institute of research and Development Organization) project. She was Asst. Professor and Guide to the students enrolled for Ph.D. and M. Phil degree courses at Department of Life Sciences Brain waves College of Physiotherapy and Hospital Jaipur (2005- 2010). In 2009 due to interest in Nutrition and health, Dr. Dt. Sheenu completed sports -fitness certifications and certifications on Dietetics Health & Nutrition.

Dr. Dt. Sheenu is a licensed Zumba Instructor, certified Power Yoga, Pilates, and aerobics instructor. She is also a Certified Coach and trainer’s trainer of Law of Attraction and an Energy Healer too. She conducts Training and Workshops on the Law of Attraction, Positive thinking, and Correction of Lifestyle disorder in a Holistic way. Along with giving her regular consultation at ‘Healthyfy Solutions”, she has also worked as Guest Lecturer at VLCC Delhi and Amity University Greater Noida. As a Diet Consultant/Nutritionist she is attached to various Gyms, Sports Academies, Schools. At her Centre, HealthyfyR Solutions, she conducts Workshops and Training on various subjects related to Healthy Body, Mind, and soul. She has honored the CHAIR in various events all over the Nation.

To add some more, she has many celebrity clients, she has National level swimmers, athletes, and females participating in various pageant events. She has helped Mrs. Megha Dubey in diet and nutrition in her journey of being Mrs. Earth Ambassador 2018, Mrs. East Asia Earth 2018. She has chaired many seminars, conferences in various National colleges and universities. She is a grooming partner and Jury in Ms. Mrs. Mr. India and Asia. During the Covid pandemic she has worked and landed her valuable lectures over various platforms like CNBC, webinars held by Ayush, UNICEF, Niti Ayog, she is also working as Child Health Mentor and Health Coach for ChildLine Gautam Budh Nagar. As a holistic coach, she is giving free sessions of breathing exercises, Pranayama, meditation, and positive thoughts to the people affected by covid.

Dr. Dt. Sheenu has been facilitated with hundreds of National and International Awards like

  • India’s Health Care Excellence Award for Best Dietitian & Nutritionist- NORTH INDIA.
  • International Excellence Award for Best Dietician and Nutritionist Delhi- NCR
  • Indian Health Care Award for Best Dietician and Nutritionist Delhi-NCR
  • National Service Excellence Award for her “Healthyfy Solutions” center as “Leading Diet- Nutrition & Wellness Centre Delhi-NCR
  • Most Inspiring Female Award
  • Women’s Conclave Award
  • Women’s Entrepreneur’s Award
  • India Iconic Education Award
  • Most Promising diabetic Nutritionist in North India

And the list goes on, As an additional qualification, she has undergone Advance Diploma (graduation) in the Russian Language. She was an athlete and sportsperson and a poet in her school and college days.

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