What will I get in the 30 min Consultation

1) Specialization > Generalization

I don’t believe in diets that work for all. In the consultation call, I will understand what is your current condition, what are the diet plans that you can practically follow and eventually get results.

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2) Diet ≠ Salads and Vegetables

Eating a healthy diet doesn’t mean that you are only consuming salads and leafy vegetables with a bland taste. In Healthyfy we provide a diet plan that is easy to make, simple, affordable, and tasty.

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3) Timing is Everything

Diet is more about timing than the famous Calorie Surplus or Calorie Deficit concepts. In the session, you will learn what timings work for you to get maximum energy from the food.

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4) Defeat Chronic Diseases

Let me be frank with you. No one can give you the perfect medicine that will end Diabetes, GERD, PCOD, Blood Pressure, or any other chronic disease. But I will provide a diet plan that will minimize its impact.


5) Your Secret Weapon for Mental Toughness

I am pretty sure that no philosophy or mental models are going to make you mentally strong permanently. In the session, I will uncover the diet you need to destroy anxiety and depression to lead a peaceful life.

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Is this Consultation for Me?

We Speak Transformations

Meet Your Coach

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Dr. Dt. Sheenu Sanjeev has completed her Doctorate in Biomedical Science from the University of Delhi in 2003, an area that at first, did not relate to her current profession, but she added numerous National and International certifications under her belt in areas of Skin Cancer, Diabetes, Stress, Ayurvedic Herbs, and Diet planning and has in-depth knowledge about them all. Furthermore, she opted for a Ph.D. in “Use of the Active Principles of Withania Somnifera to treat Skin Toxicity leading to Skin Carcinoma Induced by UV- Radiation”

Following her dream of working in the field of health and wellness established HealthyfyR Solutions, a registered & ISO Certified company, and is now working as a leading and eminent holistic & clinical Dietician-Nutritionist, Health-Wellness Coach & International Certified Trainer in Delhi-NCR with a growing presence across India and overseas.



If you don’t feel satisfied with the session, or there is the slightest doubt lingering in your mind about your health after the session, we are offering a 100% money-back guarantee without asking any questions!

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