Why go for natural foods?

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Are you in mid-life and having trouble losing weight? Then, HealthyFy offers customized plans to meet your needs.

We are a health and wellness company that provides a holistic approach to weight loss, management, and disease management.

We focus on natural foods and healthy lifestyle habits to help people manage diabetes, heart disease, PCOS, and more.

Lifestyle Diseases are developing rapidly, while natural treatment of diseases is becoming a challenge in the world. One of the primary reasons for this is people’s lifestyle choices today. Staying healthy is not a luxury, but it should be an essential part of your life. We will help you bring about a change in your health once you’re ready for it!

Your health is our responsibility. 100% money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.

From yoga to intermittent fasting to food sensitivity, our magazine is all you need. Healthpreneur E-Magazine contents:

  • All about healthy facts by Dt. Anshu
  • Nutrition during rainy season by Dt. Sonika Mather.
  • Yoga and lifestyle are the real solution for heart disease by Dr. Bimal Chhajer.
  • Benefits of eating rainbow diet by Dt. Anupama Wahi.
  • Food sensitivity by senior Dt. Deepshika.
  • Carbs are friends not enemy by Dt. Reena Jairath
  • Positive health by Sangeeta Kabra.
  • And many more health tips.

Here’s what will you get in the 30 min Consultation Session

  1. I will understand your current health condition create a routine for you that you can follow for next week.
  2. I will understand what your dream health is and give a diet plan that my clients have got ridiculously fast results.
  3. I will provide a diet plan that will minimize the impact of diseases like Diabetes, Gerd, Hypotension that you are currently facing.
  4. Give you a short and simple exercise routine that will help you get that flat stomach without burning yourself out.

We Speak Transformations

Meet Your Coach

Dr. Dt. Sheenu Sanjeev has completed her Doctorate in Biomedical Science from the University of Delhi in 2003, an area that at first, did not relate to her current profession, but she added numerous National and International certifications under her belt in areas of Skin Cancer, Diabetes, Stress, Ayurvedic Herbs, and Diet planning and has in-depth knowledge about them all. Furthermore, she opted for a Ph.D in “Use of the Active Principles of Withania Somnifera to treat Skin Toxicity leading to Skin Carcinoma Induced by UV- Radiation”

Following her dream of working in the field of health and wellness established HealthyfyR Solutions, a registered & ISO Certified company, and is now working as a leading and eminent holistic & clinical Dietician-Nutritionist, Health-Wellness Coach & International Certified Trainer in Delhi-NCR with a growing presence across India and overseas.

And the list goes on!

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We're here to Healthyfy you!

People often associate diet with starvation. At HealthyFy, we reinforce the importance of nutrition which lies in the proximity of your kitchen. Whether you’re calling from your swimming tournament, after delivering a baby, or right before a client meeting, we’ll quickly help you with a diet plan and conserve your energy for the day.




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So, what are you waiting for?

If you want to shred your weight, get fit without burning yourself out, and remain healthy with simple tweaks in your diet plan, then hit the button.