No Refund Policy

As you enroll for Dr. SheenuSanjeev’sHealthyFy Solutions diet plans/Maintenance programmes,you get complete comprehensive picture of the science of the programme and what are the guidelines that you are expected to follow, thereby helping you achieve the results that you would want to.Theweight loss programme of HealthyFy Solutions Diet& Nutrition is based on the principle of creation of a negative calorie balance in the body to attain your target weight. This means that the body must utilize its store house of energy that has been accumulated in the form of fat. Our main focus is to reduce extra fat & gain muscle mass. In clinical diet & nutrition program, we correct the required parameters through. During clinical diet & nutrition program you are asked to convey your doctor that u all following clinical / Therapeutic diet along with Doctor’s medication so that Doctor can take care of the doses of medicines accordingly. This fat reserve can be used to provide energy when INPUT (calorie / consumption) is less than OUTPUT (calorie used for body functions). That is how the body loses fat. This is achieved by a combination of foods, blood group, and if required Ayurvedic principles are used.

1. Analyzing Excess Weight

On joining the Diet Plan Programme, a detailed analysis is made of the energy that you are utilizing to attain your target weight through the following steps:

1.1 The Lifestyle & Habit Analysis: A comprehensive personal analysis of your lifestyle,food habits and energy expenditure (in the form of exercise and other activities), to ascertain your excess weight and attain your target weight.

1.2 Medical Examination:Involves recommending few blood tests and other external physical checks and is done in order to evaluate the specific weight loss you require.The Diet Counselor will advise you in choosing the correct weight loss programme to achieve your target weight based on Height /Weight charts.

1.3 Input Analysis: Consists of determining the daily nutritional and calorie inputs required to be taken by you. Input recommendations are made by suggesting a combination ofnutritionally adequate foods & suggested exercises to ensure a healthy and effective way to achieve your target weight.

2. Programme Guidelines

2.1 Each pogramme will independently deliver results.Success would depend on complete adherence to the programme guidelines.

2.2 You will need to tedtify that you are medically fit to go on the programme.HealthyFy Solutions is not responsible for medical complications not revealed prior to commencing/during the programme.

2.3 Everyone on the diet plan needs to undergo a lifestyle and Habit Analysis, Medical check-up and Input Analysis to attain the target weight.

2.4 The HS Diet Plan Programmes provide you a way of losing weight effectively by the creation of the Negative Calorie Balance,Combination of Foods,andAyurvedic and Nutritional adequancy is ensured by the consumption of fibrous or healthy foods if required.

2.5 You will need to understand the principle of Negative Calorie Balance which is achieved by decreasing calorific inputs and increasing calorific expenditure,while ensuring nutritional  adequancy.

2.6 Consumption of Healthy food or required foods are recommended during the programme to maintain nutritional  adequacy.

2.7 The programme does not involve the use of any drugs,surgery.

2.8HealthyFy Solution will retain your photograph,such Photograph can be used for publicity / promotion activities.

2.9Healthyfy Solutions reserves the right to alter / change / substitute the programme contents.

2.10 In case you fail to achieve your desired target weight loss, it may be because of insufficient creation of the Negative Calorie Balance due to deviations from the programme guidelines by you.

3. Guidelines for the Maintenance Programme

3.1You are recommended to join the Maintenance Programme on successful completion of the Diet Plan Programmes to ensure maintenance of the results.

3.2 Membership to the Maintenance Programme is on a 3 month basis. The membership fee for the entire period is payable in advance,at the beginning of the programme. You should immediately avail of your first monthly review session  on completion of the diet programme.

3.3 You are entitled to an average of one clinic session every month,with 3 such clinic sessions given to you during the Maintenance Programme.

3.4 You will be given Food Guidelines for a Maintenance Food plan as per the Counselor’s advice. Consumption of HS Foods are recommended during the Maintenance Programme.

3.5 HS will not be liable/responsible if any other programme guidelines are not adhered to and you do not maintain your target weight.

3.6 You will be explained about the Physiological Plateau that occurs when your body has been steadly losing weight. It is found that a Stabilization Phase is needed as the body conditions itself to lesser weight.On the Maintenance Programme,you therefore learn the value of understanding your body’s  Ideal weight and how to reach towards that ideal goal HS helps and aids you in reaching this goal by introducing breaks by which the body stabilizes and then begins another phase of fat loss.This is how your target body weight is achieved and maintained in a natural,scientific and personalized programme,designed to help you maintain your weight with proper consoling and nutritional advice.

3.7 You are not suppose toshare diet & nutrition plan to any other person on our behalf as we customise the plans.

3.8  Medication according to Physian’s/Medico/Treating doctor’s advice only.

4. Terms and Conditions

4.1 The fee you pay for the programme / services you take is Non-refundable and non-transferable and is valid till the last date of programme you have opted.

4.2HealthyFy Solutions reserves the right to change the membership fee structure and prices of its programmes / services from time to time and members are bound  by the same.

5. Declaration

5.1 I have read and understood the Enrollment Form and I accept and agree to what is stated therein.

5.2 I have understood the programme and terms and conditions of membership.

5.3 I have decided to participate in the programme after being fully satisfied with all aspects of the programme and of my own free will.

5.4 I will not hold HealthyFy Solutions / responsible in any way injury/damage/illness that I may suffer during or after the programme.