Sounds interesting, YEAH! We are well aware of the fact that “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. This simply means that without taking any break from work, a person tends to become both bored and boring. And just to keep that away, one should indulge oneself in various kinds of activities which keeps one on the right track and not let the life out of oneself. Working out is undoubtedly one of the best and apt option. And working out does not necessarily mean to go to the gym, it could be easily done at home as well. 

Well, I am sure that immediate reaction for workout signifies gym, which most of you will neglect as the scorching heat is right upon your head. Do not worry folks, as I am there to guide and support you. But that is not something one should adhere to. Working out, taking a walk, running or playing with kids outside in some park is never a bad idea. It keeps oneself in shape, energetic and has been considered one of the finest stress-buster. Well, you will not have the feel until you start with it- as it is well said that ‘only the wearer knows about the shoe bite’. 

My simple advice to you people is- 

  • Please DONOT over exert yourself and keep oneself hydrated. This is important because when one sweats, it increases the pace of the body temperature to cool down and it can be done in an organised way when the right amount of water is given to the body. This definitely gives clarity to the fact that working out in summer improves the ability of the body to cool itself down, hence improving your metabolism as well. It has also been considered beneficial as it increases the blood flow to the skin which helps the body to cool down. Eventually, the body gets used to it and becomes more responsive to the demands of workout sessions through sweating and increased blood circulations.
  • Have fresh fruits and vegetables like watermelon, peaches, plum, strawberries, star fruit, orange, cantaloupe, kiwi, grape fruits & vegetables like cucumber, leafy vegetables, lettuce, celery, mint, spinach, tomatoes, green peppers, broccoli, and radish.
  • Consume adequate fibers and proteins- as will help you in your work-out routine. [Protein like curd, buttermilk, yogurt & fibers like whole wheat cereals].

Working out in summers has proven to make you more efficient and agile. Improvements in heart rate and sweat rate are also the add-ons. And if all such things can push people to the brighter sides of their lives, then probably there is no harm in stepping out of the houses and participate oneself in some or the other activity which keeps the pace of life going. 

All I will say is just enjoy your work- out session and keep your body tuned!

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